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    Personalize customer interactions at scale

    From managing siloed data across departments to getting quality customer insights, it can be near-impossible to deliver the personalized experiences that today’s customers expect. XM Directory is a single system of record that combines and maintains all your operational and experience data, helping you build rich customer profiles, track customer journeys, and conduct more sophisticated research. With a person-centric view, you can automatically deliver more personalized experiences at scale to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

    Engage with customers how and when they want

    Target your outreach and make sure it reaches the right people at the right time. With advanced controls you can be confident that you’re reaching the right segment and not over surveying, ensuring high engagement rates and satisfaction. You can even set up multiple directories so different groups within the organization can maintain independent controls or partition their contacts for data sovereignty requirements.

    • Reduce survey fatigue and improve data quality
    • Set up contact frequency rules and control global opt-outs and data deletion
    • Advanced filtering to target and segment your respondents
    • Automatically deduplicate contacts for easy directory consolidation

    Know your respondents in and out
    with rich profiles

    XM Directory helps you build rich profiles and segments by combining customer preferences and interactions with their operational and experience data --bringing together the why, behind the what. Target customers and research participants with precision, leading to higher quality insights you can trust.

    • Filter contacts by response or touchpoint
    • Automatically create contact lists based on custom criteria
    • Create new contact lists based on customer segments or random samples from existing customer lists

    Understand customer
    journey over time

    Manage every customer touchpoint through XM Directory’s experience timeline. In one view, you’ll see every experience they’ve ever had with your company, including transactions, invitations, and feedback, so it’s easy to understand how the customer feels and the sentiment behind the data. You can also analyze trends over time and know your next step with the customer. Plus, with APIs into your existing systems, such as point-of-sale terminals and receipt surveys, you can combine their experiences and their activities in one easy-to-use platform.

    Panel management
    from design to distribution

    Qualtrics XM Directory is your air traffic control for research projects - helping you easily build, manage and engage your research panels. Gone are the days of data silos, multiple spreadsheets, and exporting contacts from your CRM. Qualtrics iQ is your single source of truth for your research, accelerating your speed to high quality insights.

    • Automatically add contacts to your panel with in-survey triggers
    • Manage opt-outs and panel notifications with personalized messages
    • Stay on top of your research with XM Directory’s distribution workflow. Walk through each stage—including reviews—before you hit send
    • View distribution metrics including responses, response rate, email metrics and more
    • Offer personalized rewards at scale

    XM Directory is used by
    great companies

    “We have 160 survey creators who send out 75,000 invites each quarter. With Qualtrics we can effectively engage all our customers without bombarding them, allowing us to maintain a 25% to 30% response rate.” — Autodesk

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